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About Me




Being a journalist for many years, I have enjoyed writing and editing stories regarding inner and foreign politics, had an opportunity to work as a correspondent in the Middle East, became interested in geopolitical issues…

But I have always loved to travel and was constantly on the move, curious about the world. Since being so used to writing, I wrote about my trips, even while I was on holidays, and did so in my spare time. Still struck by all those special encounters, people I have met, diversity of the world, joy and impatience to see more, small amazing scenes and anecdotes that I have witnessed earlier and that are yet to come – Glimpses, as I like to call them – struck with the amazement and gratitude, I have decided to share the experience through this travel blog.

Travel blog

packed to go

In my opinion, the best way to talk about traveling is by telling a bunch of interesting travel stories and anecdotes which are always fun. Therefore, I will try to “pack” my trips into various stories.

These Glimpses of the World are mostly written from scratch, usually in both English and Serbian – since the later is my native language, rich and wonderful to use in telling stories.

about-me-glimpses-of-the-worldOn the other hand, a lot of those travel articles that have been published in my country over the years (in Serbian national newspapers and web magazines), I am going to post here, with the English translation accordingly and few changes. Some I might write all over again, others perhaps “pack” in numerous Glimpses instead, in order to make them more accessible and easier to read.

Sit back and

let’s travel

So, the plan is as follows: I will post a series of travel stories on one destination that will be published once or twice a week for that particular month, let’s say – on Tuesdays (and Fridays). That way, when a new series begins, it will last for two to four weeks, depending on the material I have… Oh well, this sounds a bit like the newspapers’ deadline. (Once a journalist, always a journalist, right!)

Hopefully, we will go for a journey to meet the world together, and these Glimpses will be helpful to those who plan to travel, or just interesting to read to those who already share the passion.

Anyway, I am looking forward to tell you the whole story and am starting to feel impatient… Let me just fetch my coffee and cookies, and I will start typing immediately! Hope you will enjoy the journey just as much.

See you in Glimpses in a bit,

Danijela, Belgrade/Serbia