Rhodes Greece: LET’S HIT THE BEACH! (5)

Rhodes Greece: LET’S HIT THE BEACH! (5)

Okay, so we have visited few historic locations so far, learned a couple of myths, but even though there is a lot still to come, it’s time to take a break. I am sure you will agree after checking out these Rhodes’ beaches! And yes, even I need a rest from time to time, believe it or not, and have to remind myself to slow down, since I am totally restless when coming to “new lands”. While rushing around Rhodes these days a friend said that “it wouldn’t be hard to picture me hanging from the palm leaf just to find a better angle for a photo”! So true!

(So, Renata, see, I’m slowing down, wait for me at Elli Beach, read your book and have a coffee, and I’ll be coming soon… Well, at least after I visit all the beaches around the island!)


Cafe at Ellie Beach

And let me just say, this Greek island has it all! I love places that get me exhilarated by their history and stories, mythology in this case, and where I can still have a good day at the beach. It is like soaking up so much knowledge, culture, “uploading” interesting new information and then giving yourself some time to “save and archive” and free some more space among those “gray cells” for what is to come the next day. So, check out the Rhodes’ Glimpses and Odeon World Travel offers, take your bathing suit, some sunscreen (since it’s always windy and we don’t want you to get sunburned), and let me take you – swimming!


Windy Beach in Rhodes city

Wind or no wind

If you have been here right from the beginning of this series, you have read thus far that the west side of the Rhodes island, the one that faces the Aegean Sea, is always windy and hence, offers a range of water sports. Beaches on that side of the island are quite similar to one another, with various rock formations in numerous coves, or they are covered in pebbles.


Passageway towards the beach in Kallithea

Although this side seems a bit rough and it is less “organized”, there are still spots with sunbeds and parasols. Go to Glyfada or Skala Kamirou for example, or to the Kamiros beach, beneath the ancient town on the hill, or to Paradissi and Kremasti. There you can just lay on the beach, under the parasol, with showers nearby and a restaurant or two to have lunch and coffee at.


Therme Kallithea beach

However, if you prefer parts of the shore a bit more wild and “unspoiled” by tourism, you can just stop along the coast where ever you chose. Almost the whole western coastline is just one long rocky beach dotted with coves. It mostly stretches next to the road, there is not much traffic there which makes it easy to park and take a plunge with nobody around. It might get tricky if the wind is a bit stronger with huge waves and some sharp rocks one tries to avoid. But still, a cove just for you!


Rocky but beautiful Kallithea

Pebbles or rocks

Since the city of Rhodes is located at the peak of the island, here you will find one Windy Beach and the other – Ellie, both pebbled, but the latter is with calmer and warmer waters. From here, when you go along the east coast, there is such a range of beautiful beaches and coves, that it is hard to chose from! Let’s start from the beginning, like following the map – going from Rhodes to Prassonissi.


White pavilion at Kallithea

The first and very popular spot is Therme Kallitheas. Not far from Rhodes (less than 10 kilometers), it can easily be reached by local bus for 2.40 euros one way. They go every 20 minutes both directions and you can enjoy this charming little bay for the whole day, since the last bus going to Rhodes is in the evening, around 11 pm. If you go by car/scooter, there are signs on the road where to turn left and a wast parking area next to the entrance.


Sandy beach in Faliraki

Kallithea is well known for its springs and it was the spa area even in the 7th century BC. When ruling the island, Italians renewed the spa. Today there is one lovely bay with restaurants on both sides, sunbeds, pleasant breeze and one beautiful white pavilion on the small hill where weddings often take place. The sea is amazing, clear, with surreal shades of blue and green, perfect for scuba diving and snorkeling. It’s getting warmer, but it was cold couple of weeks ago when I went there for the first time.


Clear waters at the Afantou Beach

The fee for the beach entrance is three euros and bear in mind that all the prices are a bit higher than in Rhodes. While coffee (the Greek frappe) at the Ellie Beach is two euros (next to the Aquarium) or three (next to the Casino), in Therme Kallitheas you will pay 3.60. If you have payed 7 euros for the souvlaki in Rhodes, here it’s going to be 14, sandwiches are from 5 to 9, calamari (9-12 in Rhodes) are around 15 euros here. Sunbeds are free but you are expected to spend at least four euros per person for food and drinks.


View of the Tsambika bay

Sunbeds or a “wild” beach

Another four or five kilometers or so, and you will get to probably the most popular beach on the island – Faliraki. Long line of sandy shore makes it alluring to vacationers with a lot of facilities around. There is a small town with everything you need. They say that it was extremely popular with European youth, so much so that the town has actually cut its relations with some of the travel agencies at some point because it became chaotic, they were drunk all the time, partying, but also fighting and injuring one another. Now, it’s just one nice, peaceful little village with s wonderful beach.


Lovely beach in Lindos

Going forward along the eastern, Mediterranean coast, there is another long pebbled bay – the Afantou Beach. Probably the longest beach that is almost all “wild” and deserted. There are few spots where you can come across sunbeds and parasols (for around 5 euros per person, but it will soon hit 6 or 7, because the season is on). Even though the sea is amazingly clear, there is a bit of a breeze (of course), and the view of the horizon is just beautiful – it does seem like there’s nowhere to hide from the sun. It reminded me actually on few beaches in the Arab countries, with dry land next to the sea. Still, if you want to be “alone” on the beach, to have wast space just for the two of you, or you and your kids, friends, this is the perfect spot! (Just make sure to bring a parasol or two!)


Pallas Beach Taverna on the shore

Sunbathing or kite-surfing

Another beautiful bay called Tsampika is about 15 minutes away from the Afantou. There, you will be greeted by the fine yellow sand and lovely range of blue and green waters. There is a fantastic view of the beach from the Tsampika Monastery above. (More about it in Glimpses to come!)


The peak opposite to Rhodes city

Also, if you go to Lindos, even though the place is full of things to see and explore (read about it in the next Glimpse!), make sure to spend some time on the beach as well. If you come by cruise tours from Rhodes, the boat will stop right next to the beach. Fine sand, clear sea and few nice places to rest in. There is one lovely white restaurant Pallas Beach Taverna, with sunbeds that have some sort of safety boxes attached, so that you don’t have to worry about your things while enjoying your swim. Not expensive, charming and with delicious fried calamari rings for a bit over 9 euros.


Surfing at Prassonissi

Further “down” the eastern coast, you will also find lovely spots like Lardos Bay or Gennady Bay, but they are not worth coming for the sole purpose of the beach. But there is one that is so worth it! Another 50 km or so from Lindos and you will see the sign to turn from Kattania village towards – the Prassonissi!


Constant winds perfect for kite-surfing

This is the opposite peak of the island, opposite to the Rhodes city. And there lies one small strip of sand by which a huge rock is joined to the island. The landscape is surreal! On one side of that sandy strip, there are sunbeds staggered at one half of the beach, while surfers took over the other half. The other side of the strip is reserved for numerous kite-surfers.


Popular water-sports destination

The sand seems yellow on the Mediterranean beach, but almost white on the Aegean shore on the other side. There are restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, water-sports’ facilities with all the gear you need. Such a vivid beach! Not too crowded yet, but still with a lot of surfing sails on the sea surface and in the air that it looks so colorful and it is bursting with energy!


Aegean side of the Prassonissi

So, just take your pick, since there are some beautiful beaches here to chose from.

As for me, I think it’s time to go find that friend of mine under the parasol on Elli’s. She has probably read the whole book by now…


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18 comments on “Rhodes Greece: LET’S HIT THE BEACH! (5)

  1. Another great glimpse of the world and another reason why I have t pack the bags and head to the Greek Islands, as Rhodes looks stunning and a perfect place to take the wife and relax in the sands by the beach. Good read.

  2. These are amazing places. They all look pristine and beautiful. I would like to visit them all if I could. However, if I had to pick one, I would choose the Afantou Beach.

  3. It looks like a small piece of paradise! Never suspected that the beaches there are so different. Love the less touristy places.

  4. What a lovely beach. I would prefer to hit the western side though. You mention that is where you have the unspoilt beaches in their natural avatars. Water sports is something I would really dig. All in all Rhodes holds the promise of some really great times.

    1. Oh yes, I loved its diversity. The west side is unspoilt, but it can get really windy. Huge waves could often be observed only, but still, it’s a wonderful sight. 🙂

  5. What an incredible beach! I’ve only been to mainland Greece but would love to explore the islands one day, I’ll definitely include Rhodes in the list!

  6. What a wonderful list to help choose the perfect the beach! I love how their is so much diversity! Who knew there could so much variation. It does sort of make one want to explore them all. 🙂

  7. How fun! This looks like an excellent place to stop and relax. Those clear waters and beautiful beaches are something i definitely need to visit

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