Liebster Award for Glimpses!

Glimpses of The World blog got the Liebster Award. It was nominated less than two months since it’s been out!

Great honor for a new blogger, who was panicking only few months ago about not knowing “the first thing” about blogging! But who was also determine enough to learn and is now determine more than ever to make one great travel blog out of Glimpses of The World! And the award came thanks to Pete from A Thousand Flights, fellow blogger who was patient enough to answer all of my 1001 questions. Being a journalist, I guess it comes with a job – sorry, Pete!

liebster-award-glimpses-of-the-worldIt seems that the Liebster Award came at the right moment – just in time to have that pat on the back for doing a good job so far, and to get a boost to continue. Or as Pete was kind to explain (while answering one of those 1001 questions of mine): “It does mean that someone has thought enough about your blog to award recognition.”

So, according to the rules, I am supposed to write and do few things in order to continue the tradition of the Liebster Award. Among other things, I should say something about “my favorite blog”, the one that I follow… To tell you the truth, I do not have such blog. Not because there are no blogs out there worth following, but quite the opposite – because there cannot be only one. Since I’ve been blogging, I have come across various blogs, extremely amusing ones, with interesting writing and great photos, and can only wish great future for them, trying to follow and support them as often as I can.

The next step – “to provide 10 random facts about myself”. Oh well, that should be easy. Journalist, love to travel, socialize, to spend time outdoors, to cook, laugh, love good people, ice cream, good cup of coffee, to read newspapers between coffee sips at the local cafe, devoted member of the gym and the library (what a combination!), adore sun and water in any shape or form.

And so, now I should be on my quest for nominating fellow bloggers for this award. Feeling proud and full of enthusiasm to “keep up the good work”!

Thank you.

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  1. I love the concept of your blog – lots of “glimpses” and moments, rather than the lengthy set-pieces that are the norm. It makes your creation stand out a little. And for me, I’ve been coming back and coming back for each fresh step of the path.

    Best of luck for the future, and give you joy of your journey!

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